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My Approach To Therapy

The truth about mental health is that being mentally healthy is not simply being happy all the time and perfect relationships are not born they are built. It is a fact that life is full of twists and turns with amazing highs and heartbreaking lows, not just for the individual but for couples and families as well. True mental health is the ability to navigate through these points while embracing the full range of your emotions and honoring them and every part of yourself! This is the stuff that mentally healthy and strong people and relationships are made of and this is where my passion lies!

I work alongside my clients to aid them in processing their own trauma and identifying how it is impacting their lives in the present, from friendships and love to work and mindset. I aim to help clients to heal their inner child and to be mindful of the inner workings of their emotions. Most importantly, I work to create a safe space full of acceptance.

Therapy is a journey of process. There will be sessions where you leave feeling light from releasing emotional baggage but there will also be times where you'll feel emotionally exhausted from the work of healing. I can not promise you an easy journey but I can guarantee that I will be there to support you along the path of your own journey to healing

About Me

My name is Meghan Shamburger and I am a Licensed  Marriage and Family Therapist. My passion is to work alongside individuals to aid them on their journey and provide a safe space to process trauma and do the work of healing. I believe that trauma stops us from truly walking in all that we were meant to be when we do not heal from it, leading us to tip toe through life unsure of ourselves and our attachments. I hope to empower my clients to walk heavy in all that they are and truly embody the strength that is within them. I also truly enjoy my work with couples specializing in those with trauma in their pasts that stop them from truly securely attaching to one another.  I  currently work with a variety of clients ranging from trauma survivors to families and couples of all ages. 

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