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Take a moment and ask yourself how do you show up? I don’t mean the way you dress, do your hair, or how you arrived. I’m talking about how your presence shows up in life. Is it a light step full of nervousness or anxiety? Do you feel unsure of who you are and what your purpose is? Are you quietly walking through life being ever so careful not to rock the boat or bring any focus on yourself? This is called walking lightly or tiptoeing through life.

On the other end of this spectrum is walking heavy! To walk heavy is to step through life confident in who you are and the power you possess. Walking heavy is embracing all that is you and embodying all the strengths that have been passed down to you from your ancestors. It does not mean that you never struggle or feel down but it does mean that you do not allow these struggles or emotions to define or overtake you.

Walking heavy is a choice. It is a daily decision to acknowledge yourself and be radical in the acceptance of the parts that need growth and healing. It is being unapologetic about the life that is within you and the presence that you bring. It is empowered, emboldened, abundant, blessed, and authentic. It exists in a space of unconditional love for yourself. Nevermind that others may have not possessed the skills to love you correctly; you have it all within you.

When we walk heavy and full of purpose we experience life in new ways. We see challenges as positive growth opportunities and we stare down Imposter Syndrome as if to dare it to try to take over you! Doubt, fear, and anxiety may present themselves before you but it will not be victorious because you do not walk in those things!

Walking heavy is a lifestyle! I encourage you to embrace it or to attempt little by little day by day until you can fully walk in it. It is a place of healing and power that we are all able to access whether that be through self work or therapy. If there are barriers stopping you from walking heavy in all that you are, it's time to work through those. Don’t continue through life second guessing and tip toeing walk heavy my friends!

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